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jitendra jitendras@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Oct 24 02:23:40 IST 2002

Dear P. V. Mohan Krishnan
   I am thrilled that the High Court have adopted the Linux path.
   I am a teacher at VJTI and would offer my services to the High Court.
Being a govt duty , this should not cost you anything provided correct
levers are activated .
    I feel there is a need for some expert knowledge and also of
spreading of the . Though I love linux, I am not the expert. I do
however feel I can help as intermediate and as trainer and
troubleshooter at various levels.I also have access to students who can
do the necessary problem solving.
   As far as training is concerned we will have to look for some one who
has already tuned the emacs for the needs of highcourt typists. The
requirements will have to be studied translated into features that emacs
can achieve.Accordingly the macros (.emacs files) will have to be built.
Different set of typists (those who take dictation from the Court and
those who maintain registers , those who maintain web-sites, those who
deal with lawyers, those who do office book-keeping etc, all  will have
different needs.  Using these different macros, getting the users
comfortable with these, and modifying them after usage for some time
will eveolve. also  making sure that they don't see this as labour
displacement will be the HR role to be played skill fully .  It is here
that some systematic and mature thinking will have to be applied.  I
would love to be part of the effort.
    Another major issue that needs to be considered is that the court
may create their content in Unicode. More over the court has also to
deal with indian languages. Particularly the proceedings at the lower
courts are in local language and correspondence with them  also. The
RedHat Version 8.0 has better support for this. Recently the font issue
has been more or less resolved. This will ensure compatibility with
future applications.
  As said again, I remain open to correction, but feel linuxers in
Mumbai have a golden opportunity to prove how they can useful to the
My contact nos are
Res: 8578943
Office, VJTI Mech Engg: 4151791
email: jitendras at vsnl.com

Jitendra Shah

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