[ILUG-BOM] Re: Linuxers digest, Vol 1 #646 - 14 msgs

P.V. Mohan Krishnan mohan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Oct 24 11:14:12 IST 2002

  Thanks a lot for the encouraging feedback recvd. from many of
you to my mail on this forum. I would try to reply individually
to those who had mailed me in such manner ASAP. 
  We will definitly try to make use of your offers for helping
us educate the users on Linux. I would be interacting with the
senior officers here and get back to you reg. the specifics like
the date of the workshop etc. At this stage it would be pertinent
to note that considering the financial constraints the Courts
are working under, we would not be looking at paid consultancy
services from anyone and I would therefore request individuals
not to contact me with offers of such nature. Would prefer mails
to educate me of any such services which could be used later.

   Coming to some technical inputs recvd. reg. the wordprocessor
issue, yes we require a full fledged wordproccessor and VIM etc
dont qualify under that. Remember that we to provide users with
easy to use tools with illustrative help and not things which
would require macro usage etc. I plan to get emacs checked out.
But i would suggest some of you luggers who are interested in this
matter to meet me and have a look at the sort of wordprocessor
we r using and compare that with their suggestions !!!

- Mohan Krishnan

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