[ILUG-BOM] lets have our own linux bombay 02

Gurpreet Singh tonysingh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Nov 11 06:32:16 IST 2002

hi fellows
linux bombay 2002 or make that 03
soundz very very exciting....
i can start collecting masses from my part of the state and 
advertize in my sweet way. if thats scheduled for feb, i am in for 
anything that i can do. i've had some experiences with event 
management in college, but this wud need some real 

and if its an expo... heard of pragati maidan?? its where all the 
exhibitions are held in delhi. my dad works in there so we can get 
some tips frm him(infact when i told him bout linux, he found the 
idea interesting). so thats how i can HELP

nice idea but. whoz idea... that must be trevor, am i right??

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