[ILUG-BOM] Re: Re: 24 Online Clients

quasar at antispam quasar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Nov 11 13:32:06 IST 2002

kshitijv at forindia.com wrote
>I have a single Network card and it's my home machine.
>Single machine, single NIC, multiboot (WIN2K, WIN98 and Linux) >system.

I have 3 OS and I can connect through all.  The 24online client works well for win98SE as well as winXP.  You have to configure your network properly in *all* the OS.

>I have checked MAC addresses using sniffers. In both cases WIN2K & >WIN98, they are same. The difference is in the lenght of Login >message (raw bytes) sent to the server. Also the ports used by 24 >Online client on 2 OSs are different.

?????  I fear this is not my experience.

>My concern is not about continuos availabity of connection, but to >connect from multiple OSs.

The 24online server identifies your machine with 3 things : IP, MAC-ADDR & and authentication string based on your password.

For linux.  I had to do a tiny hack to the linc code.  It was about the length of one of the message fields.  After recompilaton it worked fine.  The instruction which come with linc are important.

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