[ILUG-BOM] GNU/Linux Bombay 2003

Saswata Banerjee & Associates scrap@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Nov 11 20:21:10 IST 2002

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From: "Trevor Warren" <trevor.w at media.mit.edu>
> --> Get  the Government to notice FSF/OS options. Invite
> dignitaries/Beureaucrats to be part of some key sessions involving
> FSF/OS implementations/pilots for the govt.

Get me a letter outlining the thing and I will give it to daddy's friend who
is a senior Bureaucrat in the maharashtra government.
But someone has to go and meet him with me to explain the details. If you
can get him hooked, lots of other things will move. I also know senior guys
in Income Tax, but not sure if they take decisions related to InfoTech.
Could also get you guys in touch with senior guys in police.


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