[ILUG-BOM] GNU/Linux India Expo 2003 ... tentative outline

Tahir Hashmi code_martial@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Nov 12 10:41:07 IST 2002

Event Title: GNU/Linux India Expo 2003

Dates:	End Feb / Early March (Not early/mid Feb please!)

Duration: 3 days / 1 week


[1] Conference on GNU/Linux, FS/OSS

[2] Exhibition of FS/OSS Student Projects from across the nation

[3] Stalls for commercial activity related to hardware/software

[4] Some fun events (Geeks vs. Nerds quiz? Geek of the yr. award?)

[5] Promotion of GNU/Linux user networking (Stalls of various LUGs)

[6] A press conference a day ??


[1] This is quite well-known to us and needs no elaboration

[2] We provide a display area for students to demo their FS/OSS
projects. "Students" means people who are not employed/have been
employed earlier and are studying in an educational institution, incl.
an open university.

[3] People desirous of Commercial activity will be charged for space.
It would be great if we can have assemblers there who can offer
pre-loaded PCs... how about a workshop for these before the event?
Cheap CDs, on-the-spot installation etc. could be possible

[4] Ah! what's an expo without fun?

[5] We've gotta have a platform for representatives of various LUGs
across India share information, develop contacts and highlight their
achievements and aspirations.

[6] Sounds incredible but who knows, the Press might actually be
interested. Anyway, we can post daily coverage on the web.


To qualify for exhibition in the Expo, any given software may or may
not be proprietary. However, the software MUST be available for
GNU/Linux or any other FS/OSS based platform. This is necessary since
there's no dearth of Free Software available for other dominant
proprietary platoforms.

Attendance the conference must be charged. Entry to the Expo however
should be inexpensive. I am in favor of a nominal (say Rs. 10 to 30)
entry fee for the expo too avoid wanderers on the site.

Only stalls being covered under [3] must be charged. [4] May have an
entry fee for participation but definitely not for audience.

Let us not think of management (outsourced vs. voluntary) currently.
Of course, Saswata, Gurpreet and other volunteers can collect details
about professional management and have them ready when the time for
decision comes.


Everyone is free to comment on the above, make
additions/changes/deletions and even fubar it.

Tahir Hashmi (VSE, NCST)
tahir AT ncst DOT ernet DOT in

We, the rest of humanity, wish GNU luck and Godspeed

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