[ILUG-BOM] Lets have our own Linux Bombay 2002

Amol Hatwar rollacosta@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Nov 12 14:01:51 IST 2002

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> From: "Trevor Warren" <trevor.w at media.mit.edu>
> >  Can we afford event management companies.......both in terms of
> > Ethically and Financially. Though i WOULD LUV all our events to be VERY
> > PROFESSIONAL in the way they are conducted.
> >
> I mentioned event management companies because most events I have attended
> had them. Just a thought. I dont even know how much they charge. If we
> to have it managed by a professional company, I could find out.
> The advantage would be that there is a strong business support backup.
> Things like sending out mailers, accepting registrations, collecting
> and banking them, keeping track of budgets, making sure there are adequate
> trained personnel at the venue (pretty young girls for
                                                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Que?

Well Saswata... it will be great to have an event management company. But do
we yet have the plan to get the money in? We must keep our options open.

In fact, I think keeping the venue at IIT may also be bad planning. "IIT?
then its for techies... and I don't wanna go". Nehru Centre anyone?


Amol Hatwar.

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