[ILUG-BOM] Re: Linux vs Windows as my selection.

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Wed Nov 13 16:33:51 IST 2002

Amish Munshi writes: 

> Hi, 
> 	These are the practical reason why I have selected Linux as my OS. 
> Windows : 
> 	The only plus being is that it is easier to use. (no one will deny
> that)

Windows is definitely not easy to use. Unless u like BSODs. Familiarity
is another matter though. 

> Linux : 
> 	No Viruses.

A few viruses do exist but they work only on default configs. The damage 
they do is severely crippled due to Linux's security architecture. 

> 	Technically correct.

Not always. A few bugs do exist in linux/OSS softwares.It is only that they 
fixed very very soon. and may I add they are generally not as threatening
as wide open holes u find in non-OSS softwares. 

> 	Non - microsoft product (so it is out of dirt cheap politics)
> 	More flexible.
> 	I hold a prestigious place in my friend circle when I say that I
> know linux, since everyone knows that it is not that widely used so I got
> to be different.

you will soon outgrow linux (probably though i hope not :)) ) if that is the 
reason if you moved to linux. linux is cool. but the "in-things" change


Vinayak Hegde
APGDST Student

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