[ILUG-BOM] Linux vs Windows as my selection.

Ashish Kulkarni kulkarni@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Nov 13 18:06:02 IST 2002

Amish Munshi wrote:

>>Ever heard about Debian's "apt" tools and Gentoos "portage"?
>Not actually, are they the installers? Which one is better? I am planning
>to get a full distro of one of them.
they aren't really installers (In the "windows" sense) but more like 
command line tools  which simplify installation of packages with 
auto-dependency managemnet, eg. "apt-get kde" or "emerge kde" will get 
the whole kde chain. gentoo downloads and compiles, while apt-get 
downloads teh binaries.

get Debian, Gentoo requires you to download and compile everything that 
you need. that sure makes for a lean and mean system, but most of us 
here don't have permanent internet connections...unless you're one of 
the lucky people who have cable/DSL/whatever. From what I've heard, 
Gentoo is very responsive coz it directly optimizes for your 
architecture, instead of most distros which optimize for i386 or i586. 
However, Debian also has a lot of stable but somehat outdated 
ports...you require to download the unstable ports. compare and decide 
on your own :-)

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