[ILUG-BOM] FYI - Yahoo messenger port change

Amish Mehta amish@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Nov 13 19:31:06 IST 2002

No. Yahoo has its chat server open on many ports(so that it works
through most of firewalls). And I have noticed many times that windows
client, if it fails for some reason to connect on 5050 port, it tries ftp,
telnet, even http ports. it must be some temporary problem on port 5050
that too on server you might be trying to connect. Yahoo chat
servers are generally csNN.msg.sc5.yahoo.com where NN is number.


Philip S Tellis wrote:
> >It appears that the port number for yahoo messenger has changed.  While 
>windows clients don't have a problem, the linux client has the port 
>number written in its .ymessenger/preferences file

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