[ILUG-BOM] linux bom2003...dates 4 students

Gurpreet Singh tonysingh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Nov 13 19:49:10 IST 2002

hi all
this is bout the dates of linux bombay 2003

although end feb or early march was perfect as far as students r 
concerned but i'll just summarize the dates that'll suite studentz 
in maharashtra.

*feb/ march early - perfect coz itz thhe starting of the sem n 
ervery1 is kinda free

* march is gud but dont get too deep in march

* april wud be not so gud, a few enthu onez might come but most 
will back up coz of pracs

* may n june can be ruled out for students

* july wud be gr8 but i dunno bout the rainz

* august is rainy too, but we have a plus bout the independence 

* sept and later wud be tooo late ( i cant wait that long  lol)

CONCLUSION- feb or march wud be the best for students ( i dunno 
bout professionals)
decide asap fellas

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