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Thu Nov 14 11:57:02 IST 2002

Nagarjuna G. writes: 

> On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 09:51:51PM +0530, Ashish Kulkarni wrote:
>> hmm...subject sounds like 4 people will get dates in Linux-Bom 2003.
>> *runs to sign up for it*  ;-) 
>> seriously, something in early-Feb to March-end would be great. If in 
>> April, it clashes with school exams. May-June, with exams of most 
>> colleges and July with engg. college exams. Note that imho getting engg. 
>> college students is *very* important as from now on, Linux (as in C on 
>> Linux) is compulsory for all engg. students. So we might have a new 
>> generation of Linux users out there who already have a good reason to be 
>> familiar with it. 
>> August might be suitable (with Independence), but I feel it's too far 
>> away and the efforts will be more complacent. What I think is better is 
>> to have a sort of mini-Expo in Feb-Mar (taking care not to clash with 
>> the one in Kerela), so that we get to know how to work it all out...sort 
>> of trial run, really. And *then* have the main expo in August (with 
>> theme of freedom?). So basically, this will help us prepare ourselves 
>> for the big one, get to know each other, and generally have good 
>> fun...it'd be hard to achieve perfection at first try, anyway. 
>> anyway, I agree that a consensus on the dates need to be reached soon.
> 1. If you call it Linux Mumbai 2003, I am out.  If it is something
> like "Swatantram 2003: A Free Software Festival", I am in.  If it also
> starts on august 15th it sounds good, with no regional bias.

I don't think that Mumbai smacks of any regional bias. It only highlights 
fact that the event is being held in mumbai mainly with help from Luggers
residing in mumbai. 

> 2. Why Linux should not be the focus?  We will be talking about PHP,
> Perl, Python, GNU tools, Gnome, KDE, GCC, Emacs, Xwindows, Zope, XML,
> Mozilla, etc. which work on all the major Free OSs as well as
> propreitary ones.  Most free software tools are developed with
> standards in mind and are mostly cross platform.  Therefore talking
> about the virtues of free software, whatever be the kernel is
> important.  That GNU/Linux will catch everybody's attention is beyond
> doubt but the theme should be such that it can be repeated every year
> with different themes.

I agree that GNU/Linux should not be the focus but for *most* people 
is the only identifiable icon of free software. This event will and should 
help to
change that perception. Hence the focus should not be on Linux but Linux
may be used to attract people to the event. 

> 3. We need to do the Sunday workshops that support conversion first
> before we begin to embark on this festival.  Let us first do this, to
> test whether we can take up anything.  It will help us to identify
> people both speakers and people who will do the leg work.  All the
> enthusiastic people on the list should work for the sunday workshops.
> Meanwhile we will have enough time to gather funds, sponsors, scout
> good quality speakers and enough advertisement etc.  Also August will
> be good to hire IIT venue.  Well it may rain, but who in Mumbai is
> afraid of rains.

I am in for sunday workshops. Both as a speaker and a volunteer. No one's 
of the rains but it sure does get messy, I believe. However, the date also
depends on availabilty of IIT as a venue. Meanwhile, the site
www.thefreespeech.org setup by himanshu shukla and trevor warren does
look good. I believe that we can begin work with the PRC and open S/W
developer N/W. 

> Nagarjuna

Vinayak Hegde
APGDST Student

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