[ILUG-BOM] Linux vs Windows as my selection.

Sameer D. Sahasrabuddhe sameerds@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Nov 14 12:25:07 IST 2002

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 01:42:52PM +0530, Amish Munshi wrote:

> Windows :
> 	The only plus being is that it is easier to use. (no one will deny
> that)

I do ... ease of use for Windows is a complete myth. It just happens
to be the first operating system you are initiated to, and so wins in
terms of familiarity.

Initiate a new user to GNOME/KDE and try to show him Windows ... he
will feel extremely suffocated with the restricted, unintuitive UI.

> 	More support for games (But with a bad graphics card that I have,
> I hardly play any games on windows as well).

True, but not for long ... there's this new library someone had
mentioned some time ago. At leaste one game that I know Quake III with
OpenGL has been ported to Linux!

> Linux :
> 	No Viruses.
> 	Technically correct.
> 	Non - microsoft product (so it is out of dirt cheap politics)

Bad thing to say ... It's not just Microsoft ... they just happen to
be the current monopoly. SUN or Apple would have been no different

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