[ILUG-BOM] Linux vs Windows as my selection.

Sameer D. Sahasrabuddhe sameerds@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Nov 14 12:33:34 IST 2002

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 02:39:53PM +0530, Amish Munshi wrote:

> > It's pity that we still believe this. :-(
> > We always mistake "familarity" with "ease of use". :-(
> What I actually meant with "ease of use" the ease of use with which we
> install softwares on Windows, and i think it is due to the fact
> that windows is an integrated package.

Redhat Linux comes on three CD's. The installation requires a single
reboot. After a few mouseclicks, you can have everything from
publishing, development to games and entertainment within a total span
of max three hours!

Installing MSN Messenger requires you to reboot the operating system
... easy to install???

> 	Since there are very few varieties of windows, so the software
> developers know that the libraries that are available with each windows
> version and they can include the necessary stuff with their products, and
> save the problems of dependencies we have in installing softwares in
> linux.

That is NOT how the dependencies are solved. In Windows, software
developers package *all* the libraries they need into the installer.
This means multiple copies of every dll are present on the system in
various folder. Every wonder why GNU/Linux apps are so small in size?

Shared libraries are meant to be shared ...

> 	I have not spent sufficient time it, but with rpm's it is a
> horror of a time searching for a package which provides the required
> dependencies. I would definately love to have a easier softwae
> installation procedure than the one exists now.

APT was recently ported to RedHat ... that should be a big help.

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