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Satya satyap@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Nov 14 15:25:01 IST 2002

On Nov 14, 2002 at 13:22, Sameer D. Sahasrabuddhe wrote:

>There are Debian installer CD's too. And get real, man! Nothing but
>hard drives? How did you install the existing system??

I had a dual-boot system. No, wait, it goes even further back.

I had a dual boot system. I cloned the Linux partitions onto another
hard disk in that system and brought it to US with me.

Then I used that as the 2nd hard drive on a windows system, again

Then I bought enough parts for a new box and put the hard drive in
there, making separate windows and Linux boxen. Then I bought another
hard drive (hdb) for the Linux box (the infamous gort). I planned to
clone the Linux installation and try to upgrade glibc, but now I'm
thinking I might as well upgrade.

So, the Linux installation has been on that drive from the Bing Bang,
effectively. Spontaneous creation as opposed to evolution.

>Maybe you can transfer the installer image onto one of the hard drives
>and boot from it, and then install Debian on the other hard drive ...

I intend to put the Debian boot images on a partition, point LILO at
it, and have Debian install on hdb.

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