[ILUG-BOM] Karnataka & M$

Amol Hatwar rollacosta@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Nov 15 14:51:33 IST 2002

> What difference does it make whether microsoft creates a portal for
> Karnataka government ?  Ever seen any of the government websites ? Seen
> NIC website for government of India ? Shit Happens, I think, should refer
> the fact that so much more can be acheived by government websites.
Saswata, think of it in this way. Its our money that the government collects
in taxes that goes to M$ for the portal.

And by the way... all AP needs may be Zope... or abunch of motivated
developers, and they'll probably end up paying M$ by the hour for a portal.

Think Saswata think...

Amol Hatwar.

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