[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Ignorance is bliss

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Fri Nov 15 17:54:34 IST 2002

What MS is doing with the .Net, is to insure its self against future loss of
market share in desktop environment. The entire core of dotnet strategy is
to move things away from the desktop / client and move the processing to the
server. They expect all software in future to run on a browser. These
software will run so long as the server hosting it is microsoft........The
desktop client will no longer matter. They are not doing this for the
benefit of Linux / Unix /. Mac, but as a hedge for their own future.

The move to port dotnet to linux platform is another version of the same
hedging......in case linux becomes more popular on the server front,
software designed on dotnet platform will run even if the server is running
linux, and the desktops are windows. Believe me, they will finalise and
complete the codes to production level only if linux becomes too popular at
server level.......Otherwise, it will remain "experimental"


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> At the same time many developers feel that .NET is a strategy to get
> *non-free* M$ code to run on GNU/Linux - and I think the same. Talk about
> ignorance!

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