[ILUG-BOM] [OT] Ignorance is bliss

q u a s i quasar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Nov 15 22:58:51 IST 2002

At 09:30 even 11/15/02 +0530, AH wrote:
> > You might give n number of reasons for Linux, but please
> > remember that the sys admin and IT Managers have a career
> > and their children to think of
>Glad you thought of them. You are confusing services that can be charged
>against ready-made solutions that are virtually free.

I dont think so.  Companies will, I suppose, /need/ someone to take 
responsibility.  They may be free, will still need (support==money-spent).

>- Solaris backed by Sun's
> > service contract and replacement SLA's are essential for
> > them to save their backsides.
> >Who wants to be an adventurist
>I wouldn't call it adventurism... I would call it exploring better platforms
>for retaining competetiveness.

What Kishor says makes sense.  How do you define 'better' here?  How do you 
think Gnu/Linux is /better/ than, say,  BSD for a critical 24/7 thingy?  Or 
that matter even Sun or HP or Others?  Who takes responsibility?  How much 
cost difference it will make to buy, say, SunOS+support against 
GNU/Linux+support?  If it gets too competitive Sun can always reduce the 
prise of the OS per say.  The money making is in the service anyway.

> > in such a situation? very few...
> >
>GNU/Linux isn't backed by companies like Sun who push things down your
>throat just because they invested time and money for making something. It
>will only go to places where YOU take it to. Its an ecosystem like model,
>and evolution is the key.

yeah.  So why do we need to sell the cake?  Eat the cake if you want.  Make 
more cake for anyone else who may want a bite.  Help someone make the 
cake.  Improve the recipe of the cake.  But if you /do/ want to sell the 
cake - then sell, but why insist that all the cake sellers on the street 
/must/ share & disclose their recipes?

>Its just that some people like me and others on the list want to make 
>GNU/Linux evolve and take it to places. There are others who don't want to 
>do it, probably because, they aren't supportive of the idea. I'll be happy 
>to have a world like this.

GNU/Linux will not necessarily evolve if it runs some X company's 
server.  "Take it to places" is a personal choice.

>What makes me uncomfortable is the third pedigree, *a majority* who sit on 
>the walls that separate the camps and jump on a side whenever they feel it 
>gets stronger.

It may be that for many the criteria of choice here is a variable.

>Maybe we must just chose on which side we want to be.

which is quite a complicated issue.

Free your mind would sound nice, but as is known by many it sometimes 
happens that there get created areas which do not have a pointer pointing 
to them - hence free() does not work.


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