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How many people even understand privacy ? How many are concerned ?
How many people in normal computer end users even think of what happens to
the data they give or send on internet ?

Privacy issue is in limelight only because a part of the vocal minority has
made it an issue in the US. In the end, if there is no good alternate to
passport, most of the people will move to us, thanks to convinience. Privacy
be damned and forgotten.


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> Saswata Banerjee & Associates wrote:
> >>The term .NET is confusing, you are refering to the passport and other
> >>services. Speaking technically correctly .NET is an initiative... that
> >>promises a lot of things. The Linux/Windows interoperability that I am
> >>talking of here is one of them.
> >>
> >
> >
> >software (System + Application) platforms. Passoport is one of the
> >(not product) which is, again, running on DotNet Server software
> >In fact, passport is a proof of concept for microsoft, apart from being
> >another marketing tool to bind customers to microsoft in future. The idea
> >
> I doubt whether the idea of passport will catch up. It will be like
> putting all
> your eggs in one basket. Lots of people will oppose it due to privacy
> concerns.
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