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Sat Nov 16 17:59:49 IST 2002

Saswata Banerjee & Associates writes:
> How many people even understand privacy ? How many are concerned ?
> How many people in normal computer end users even think of what happens to
> the data they give or send on internet ? 
> Privacy issue is in limelight only because a part of the vocal minority has
> made it an issue in the US. In the end, if there is no good alternate to
> passport, most of the people will move to us, thanks to convinience. Privacy
> be damned and forgotten. 
> Regads
> Saswata

Lots of people do. You don't want someone else to have access to your
personal data. Just imagine the scenario when someone is tracking all
that you have bought on the net and come to know that your fav artist
is Pink Floyd or Dire Straits. This info is discreetly passed onto
a music CD site. The next time you logon to your fav music cd site,
the price of a PF or DS cd will be higher than it is for other people.
Don't think this is possible, DoubleClick the banner AD company tried
to do exactly that. This was just a simple example. What else can happen
is left to your imagination. Be paranoid.Be very paranoid. They are
coming after you. lol ;) 

If people are not concerned they will have to be concerned. I agree
that awareness level is low. But sooner or later, this will change. 

As for all of us, we will have to choose between convenience and
safeguarding your privacy. After all we know what M$
(M$ bashing!!! :) ) as well as most other corporates are capable
of doing. 

Vinayak Hegde
APGDST Student

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