[ILUG-BOM] Re: Network Computers [Earlier -- Ignorance is bliss]

vinayak_hegde at antispam vinayak_hegde@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Nov 16 18:06:47 IST 2002

Saswata Banerjee & Associates writes: 

> My point is that with CPU cost coming down, HDD cost coming down,
> irrespective of bandwidth cost, what does the use get ? What is the benefit
> that will be derived in terms of money, efficiency, etc. by moving to NC ? 
> Regards
> Saswata

for most endusers it may not make a difference but for companies which
have regular backend operations, it will make better sense outsourcing
CPU cycles IMHO. Use of Cluster computing is on the rise due to precisely
this reason. So backends will consist of Clusters/outsourced grids.
We may start looking @ CPUcycles/computing power just like we look
at electricity today. 

Vinayak Hegde
APGDST Student

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