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Sat Nov 16 18:35:33 IST 2002

kishor bhagwat writes: 

> my friend - its the vendors who are at the mercy of the
> clients - there is so little business!!Enterprises have nvr
> had it so good! 

This really is news to me. I thought lots of corporates
had legacy systems. 

> and boy..is it good hardware! ever seen a blade server? I
> havent - but i hear they are real cool! ;-) 

I have heard it's good. But who knows it may actually run
faster on Linux. Just shooting arrows in the dark. ;-) 

> 3 things - clients usually sign a SLA,so vendors are bound
> to reply within a stipulated time.
> second, that client is stupid...if printing is so critical,
> he would have alternatives available...
> third..who would u trust..an unknown hacker who doesnt kow
> the printer or a service engineer who knows all about that
> printer?

The printing was just a reference to RMS. the example was just
a illustration. but what use is a service engineer if he's not
available?? If it's linux, chances are there that some one
might know. If not locally maybe you could get help on some
newsgroup/mailing list. 

>> There are lots of them. I myself have installed a
>> front-office/
>> backoffice user base of 300 people recently. They are all
>> using it happily and compliment us on the increase in
>> their
>> productivity, thanks to GNU/Linux and FS/OSS. 
> is it a banking app where every second of downtime costs
> lakhs? 

I am aware of banks who have moved to linux. If I am right
one of them is located in central suburbs and uses VPN and
tunnelling to connect to it's other other branches. 

>> Haven't you read the disclaimers??  And if their service
>> is so prompt why are people starting to prefer linux?? I
>> agree  the linux service segment in this country is weak
>> but it is picking up slowly but surely hence BILLY boys
>> visit to India
> Linux competes with AIX/Solaris/HP-UX in the server market
> more than MS...so quit thinking of MS!!!

Yeah,I agree but you can't just ignore a 600-pound gorilla ;) 

Vinayak Hegde
APGDST Student

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