[ILUG-BOM] thanx 4 the permissions answer

Pradnyesh Sawant pradnyesh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Nov 16 00:49:12 IST 2002


  thank u 4 the ans 4 changing the access permissions 4 the windows
  partition. i tried the foll line, which did not work
  /dev/hda1  /mnt/win  vfat  auto,owner,user,uid=3d500 0 0
  (since 500 was the uid i wanted 2 give the permissions 2)
  so i tried the foll line & it worked
  /dev/hda1  /mnt/win  vfat  auto,owner,user,uid=500 0 0
  i did not try
  /dev/hda1  /mnt/win  vfat  auto,umask=3d0 0 0
  as i felt it was not right 2 give all rights 2 all users

  thanx 4 all the help

  i hope u all will also help me with my next queries:
1. i have an epson 480 color stylus printer, which has support in rhl 7.3. the
docs (/usr/share/doc/ghostscript-6.52/Devices.htm) specifies that my printer can

give the foll resolutions: Xdpi=180,360,720 & Ydpi=90,180,360,720. but i don't
know how 2 use these resolutions. plz tell me some place where i  can learn
about the "gs" command mentioned in the above mentioned doc. also i didn't
understand the "YourFile.ps" part. can somebody plz hlp me out? THANX!

2. how can i see the status of the ink remaining in my cartridges? also how
do i replace the cartridge when it is empty?

3. when i tried taking some print-outs using gimp, i got them in the default
res. if the image is color then the print-out gets messed up, whereas if i
specify a b&w print-out, then the image is printed using both color & b&w inks.
how do i specify if i want 2 use only b&w ink?

thanx a lot in advance!
Best regards,
 Pradnyesh                          mailto:pradnyesh at gmx.net

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