[ILUG-BOM] MS Proposes Disclosing Windows Source To India

aditya newalkar adityanewalkar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Nov 16 03:58:32 IST 2002

IMO sharing source with one or two government agencies
is a clever marketing plan.  It remains to be seen
what kind of agreement MS reaches with GOI becoz AFAIK
MS's Shared Source vision is that company whome they
share their source with, would not be able to change
the source code even if one wants to.  So if some
vulnerability/customization is to be taken care of,
GOI may still have to first approach MS.

--- Bhargav Bhatt <bhargav.bhatt at columbia.edu> wrote:
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> * LUG meet on 12 Jan. 2003 @ VJTI
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> Wow fellows!
> It seems that Microsoft really wants India. As the
> Economic Times 
> article,
> (linked from Slashdot) points out, they are going to
> disclose code of 
> Windows to a certain goverment body. According to
> some, this could be 
> fatal to the rise of Linux. However,  I dont think
> so. The secret of 
> the astronomic rise of Linux, IMO, lies in the free
> spirit it fosters 
> among developers which enables each and everyone of
> them to make 
> meaningul contributions to the code (surely M$ wont
> allow that). This 
> helps retain the zeal among the developers which
> also explains why the 
> relatively fewer bugs OSS get patched relatively
> quickly. 
> Anyways, I am rambling OT. 
> I am anxious to hear what you guys think about it.
> Will the FSF-India 
> write another letter to the govt?
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