[ILUG-BOM] MS Proposes Disclosing Windows Source To India

Amol Hatwar rollacosta@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Nov 16 13:42:01 IST 2002

> > IMO sharing source with one or two government agencies
> > is a clever marketing plan.  It remains to be seen
> > what kind of agreement MS reaches with GOI becoz AFAIK
> > MS's Shared Source vision is that company whome they
> > share their source with, would not be able to change
> > the source code even if one wants to.  So if some
> > vulnerability/customization is to be taken care of,
> > GOI may still have to first approach MS.
> From my perspective, M$ made a bad move:
> 1. This move tells that code-sharing is important for any serious
> mission-critical work
> 2. M$ really needs business in India
> 3. M$ is afraid of Linux in India
> 4. M$ wasn't really serious as of now
> I wonder if the Government can really see whats happening here. Even if it
> does will it ever make the right decision or bow to corruption?
Sorry for this mail going out in John Hamilton's name. The opinions were
mine (Amol Hatwar's).

Note to self: Sharing your lappy with someone is a bad deed.

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