[ILUG-BOM] cannot boot into GNU/Linux

aditya newalkar adityanewalkar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Nov 17 03:04:26 IST 2002

Hi guys,
       I am facing somewhat wierd problem.  I have
Toshiba Laptop (Satellite 1410, Celeron 1.8GHz, 256MB
RAM, NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go Processor with 16 MB VRAM,
30 GB Hitachi IDE Harddisk, Windows XP preinstalled). 
I partitioned the harddisk using Partition Magic 7.0
into 15GB NTFS C: and 15GB E: FAT32.  I installed
Redhat 7.2 into that. I made following partitions
/boot 100MB
/     5GB
/usr  3GB
/home 3GB
/var  3GB
swap 512MB  actually that much was not needed ... but
anyway ;)

       Now Windows would boot without problem
(fortunately) but it would not go to GNU/Linux at all!
 So I prepared a bootdisk with rawrite and went to
rescue mode.  I had experimented with GRUB this time
which I don't have much idea about ;)  In rescue mode
it would mount my file system to /mnt/sysimage.  To my
surprise I found /boot partition empty!  No vmlinuz

       Some pages about GRUB had instructed me to type
"grub-install" on the command prompt.  But that would
say "/sbin/grub not found".  So I figured probably
this was becoz of the mounting the whole file system
to /mnt/sysimage.  So I saw that grub-install is a
shell script I can modify.  So I changed some
variables to reflect the new mounting.  But now it
would give message that some file in
/mnt/sysimage/usr/i386... is missing!  I cannot make
head to tail of that message.

       One mistake that I have done which seems to be
quite common, while installing GRUB is I have not
labelled the Windows XP partition.  Apart from that I
got one warning while installing that my architecture
may not support the partitioning that I have made.  As
a GNU/Linux enthusiast I don't want to erase the
system that is installed and am trying to find a way
to make things work without it as I can.

The questions are:
1)  Why /boot partition is empty?
2)  Why GRUB would not load?
3)  What I need to do without going thru the hassels
of reinstallation?


Aditya N.
Graduate Student, 
Electrical & Computer Engineering Department,
Auburn University, Auburn AL, USA.

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