[ILUG-BOM] cannot boot into GNU/Linux

Amish Munshi amish_munshi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Nov 17 08:05:21 IST 2002

On Monday 16 December 2002 06:11 am, Satya wrote:
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> * LUG meet on 12 Jan. 2003 @ VJTI
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> On Dec 15, 2002 at 13:27, aditya newalkar wrote:
> Boot by hook or crook into Linux single-user mode, and install a real
> boot loader.

You seem to be an slightly advanced user so I suggest you do the following., 
if you need ore explaination then do write in.

1. Boot using your CD in to rescue mode.
2. Mount your other partition (actually /boot is only required). Mount it 
under /mnt/sysimage/boot using the command "mount /dev/hdaX 
3. Do a "chroot /mnt/sysimage" (this does take approx 2 seconds).
4. Then do a "lilo -v -t" ( -v is for verbose and -t is for test)
5. Check the output of the above command, if everythingis fine, then do a 
"lilo -v"
6. Use "exit" to comeout of the chrooted mode. 
7. Unmount your /mnt/sysimage/boot (using command "umount 
8. Reboot and enjoy.

	Welcome to the real world.

Bye and good luck.

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