[ILUG-BOM] cannot boot into GNU/Linux

Ninad Purohit ninadonline@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Nov 17 10:48:29 IST 2002

boot using ur linux cd
start installation and choose upgrade
do not choose any additional packages
when it asks u whether u want to upgrade ur boot
loader configuration choose yes
install grub on the partition u have mounted as /boot
u did not mention whether ur /boot partition was
beyond 1024 cylinder limit or not
i assume it is so
in that case use xosl http://www.xosl.org
the entire process would take not more than 15 minutes
and u wont have to reinstall linux

the linux rescue cd mounts your root filesystem (/)
on /mnt/sysimage
u would find ur /boot as /mnt/sysimage/boot

ninad purohit
have a nice day :-)

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