[ILUG-BOM] How to Stop Kazaa traffic using IPTables

Ripunjay Bararia (ILUG-MUM) ilug-mum@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Dec 25 11:56:39 IST 2002

Merry Christmas to all...

By Proxy based firewalls do you mean that the internal users on my NATted
LAN do not have a default route to the internet and they need to connect to
the net using only a proxy (squid etc...), well that is a bit of a problem
as the squid is there for http only rest every one on the LAN need to be
able to connect to the external FTP servers the upload and MySQL servers for
updating things etc thus not a very easy thing to implement.

I have blocked kazaa.com from both the proxy and using BIND (made a new zone
kazaa.com and put *    A, record in there, internally every one
uses the internal DNSes only.) Still users and myself are able to use kazaa
without the users seeing the kazaa.com's homepage, which no one every saw,
too busy to download *.* from the WEB...

I have heard on other lists that there is a way to block Kazaa from network
using some sort of Signature filter with IPTables/Chains etc...

Any ideas will be really appreciated....


Ripunjay Bararia

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Kazaa 2 uses dynamic high ports. Use proxy based firewalls to block
it, no firewall rules. Oh, and have a policy banning Kazaa on your
network, and then fire anyone who violates it.

Devdas Bhagat



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