[ILUG-BOM] Query on Setting different bandwidths using a leae line

Girish Hanchate girishhan@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Jan 28 10:37:18 IST 2003


This can be done thru a bandwidth shapping in your
router if your router supporting bandwidth shapping
module, I think ciscos all above 1700 series supports
bandwidth shapping or u can do it thru IPtables in
Linux 7.3. But u cant control bandwidth given to a
particular user, controls can be done thru services
they use. According to services u can allocate the
bandwidth, for example u r using SMTP service u can
allocate more bandwidth to 25 ports.


My problem is, how can I control the BANDWIDTH given
to a user
thru a leased Line at different rates. The scenario is
like this, I
have a 128 kpbs leased line, from this 128 kbps leased
line, I want to
give connections to users with a different BW, like 64
kbps for some 
128 kbps for others, how can I get this thing done.
Hoping to have your
resononse and suggestions ASAP.


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