[ILUG-BOM] Problem to bring up eth0 in Proliannt DL320 compaq server

Tapeshwar Nath gtapeshwar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Jan 30 15:03:37 IST 2003

Hi Philip,

I have a doubt,, 
if i have configured my network as static ,
then  while booting does Linux search for dhcp
server... and if not, then that interface should come
up properly without any issues....

it is like , if Linux is taking IP from DHCP then
there is no problem... and if it the IP is static then
Linux has no problem bringing up eth0 using that IP. (
i think it doesn;t check for DHCP )

Then what is the problem........ 


--- Philip S Tellis <philip at konark.ncst.ernet.in>
> On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, kavita modi wrote:
> > But server has one problem.When m/c get rebooted
> after some days
> > uptime,it doesnot bring eth0 up by stating that
> other host is having
> > same ip. so,i have to change ip in eth0's ifconfig
> file.then only it
> My guess is that your network uses DHCP to assign IP
> addresses and this 
> particular host is configured with a static IP.
> Your options are to either use dhcpcd on this host,
> or remove this 
> host's IP address from the DHCP pool so that it
> doesn't get allocated to 
> any other machine.
> Philip
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