[ILUG-BOM] 2 minor problems after kernel recompilation..

Saswata Banerjee saswata@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Jan 31 16:08:01 IST 2003

yes. This was covered. Amish was sending similar mails and he changed the settings in such a way that after wards the mails were recorgnised by OE as signed files. it also showed the signature as an icon which u can click to view thg certificate

Bhargav Bhatt wrote on 30/1/03 11:51:

>On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 
>09:41:56AM +0530, Saswata 
>Banerjee & Associates wrote:
>> I keep getting emails from 
>you on the group as text file 
>attachments instead  of 
>normal text. This makes it 
>difficult to read since I first 
>need to open  or save the 
>attachment. Would 
>appreciate if you can change 
>your settings so  that the 
>email comes as normal text 
>message.  suspect you are 
>having this problem with 
>anyone who mails using pgp-
>signed messages. I know 
>because I used to have the 
>same problems with OE. Also, 
>did we not already cover this 
>once on the list in the recent 
>past? (I might be wrong)
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>Department of Applied 
>Physics and Applied 
>Mathematics, Columbia 
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