[ILUG-BOM] epson 480 printer cartridge

Pradnyesh Sawant pradnyesh@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Feb 1 18:44:37 IST 2003

first of all i wud like 2 apologise 2 all of u for having my mail cause so 
much of flames on the grp. it was only b'coz of incomplete info provided by 
the other mistake that i realized i had made was 2 ask questions directly on 
the list without trying 2 find the ans myself first. tried 2 take the easy 
way out. but now that i've realized my mistake, i will try not to commit the 
mistake again.
having apologised, i wud also like 2 make some clarifications:
actually the epson 480 color stylus printer comes with a MS windows based 
utility 2 bring the cartridge holder in the open (from beneath the cover) 
while changing the cartridge. also after changing the cartridge, the ink in 
the new cartridge has 2 be charged b4 the printer can start printing.
also other utilities provided r nozzle cleaning, head positioning, etc.
it is **not** possible 2 open the printer & change the cartridge manually.
(so i can't do ne thing even if god has given me 2 hands & a brain)

also my printer IS connected to a linux machine (although i also have a 
windows OS, which i never use (it is there for my brother who uses the comp 
only 2 play games like NFS, cricket, etc which, unfortunately r not available 
on the linux platform))
it doesn't make sense 2 switch 2 windows just 2 change the printer cartridge.
consider the case of a guy (probably hypothetical) who has the same printer 
but has only linux on his machine

my question is definitely related to GNU/linux & i think that it was not at 
all out of place when it occured on the mailing list.

P.S: although i took all the sarcasm in a very light & joking manner, i wud 
sincerely REQUEST all of u to plz not use a rude language & flame each other, 
which wud only result in migration of a linux newbie like me again 2 WINDOZE.


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