[ILUG-BOM] epson 480 printer cartridge

The GNU/Linuxer thegnuer@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Feb 1 19:43:33 IST 2003

Dear Mr. ``The Doubtfire'',
Since we all check the mailing list in our free time, and since it's a totally voluntary job that we are doing, we try to solve as many problems we can in a short time. Queries that are posted on this mailing list must be precise & related to GNU/Linux. We became irritated with you not because you didn't try google before posting the query, but because what you asked had simply no meaning & seemed totally off-topic. You were simply asking about ``how to change a printer cartridge''. No matter what you actually meant, you query seemed totally baseless and that's what invited so many flames. When asking anything on a mailing list, you should be totally to the point otherwise it can piss people off & then there would be no point blaming people for being ``rude''. I advise you to be careful about that in future. If you follow that, I am sure you'll get the desired solution in most cases. 

_The GNU/Linuxer_ 

N.B. In that regard, I'd recommend reading RFC 1855 from http://www.faqs.org

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