[ILUG-BOM] epson 480 printer cartridge

Rajesh Deo rajeshdeo@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sat Feb 1 19:46:39 IST 2003

On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Pradnyesh Sawant wrote:

> having apologised, i wud also like 2 make some clarifications:
> actually the epson 480 color stylus printer comes with a MS windows based 
> utility 2 bring the cartridge holder in the open (from beneath the cover) 
> while changing the cartridge. also after changing the cartridge, the ink in 
> the new cartridge has 2 be charged b4 the printer can start printing.
> also other utilities provided r nozzle cleaning, head positioning, etc.
> it is **not** possible 2 open the printer & change the cartridge manually.
> (so i can't do ne thing even if god has given me 2 hands & a brain)

see here,

It only took me couple of seconds to find this, so next time google 

> my question is definitely related to GNU/linux & i think that it was not at 
> all out of place when it occured on the mailing list.

Sure, but not every one on list knows about every possible hardware 
available. The way you ask your question also makes a difference.

Hope above link helps you solve your problem.

best regards,

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