[ILUG-BOM] Cannot get Pinnacle PCTV Plus (TV Tuner card) to work

Tarun Ramakrishna Elankath tarun@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Feb 2 01:12:39 IST 2003

Hi list,

Problem Description:

The card is auto-detected, however I am unable to change channels. More
precisely, the last channel that I have viewed in Windows is the one
that appears in linux (and no other channels are detected).

1) Redhat 8.0, kernel: 2-4-18.14
2) Selected card = 39 in the bttv CARDLIST file. 
3) using xawtv as tv-viewer.
4) dmesg says 'frequency out of range'.(when I try to change channels in
5) According to Pinnacle, this is a special indian edition card. I
wonder if being "special" is causing problems... :-)

I have a sneaky feeling that this version of the bttv driver doesn't
come with PAL-BG support (which PCTV PLUS uses).

I have no idea whether PAL-BG is supported in the newer versions of the
bttv driver. I went to bytesex.org/bttv and checked the CHANGELOG. No
luck, no PAL-BG mentioned anywhere.

And Yes I have RTFM and done _tons_ of searching on the web. I searched
the archives and I found that "Abhir Joshi" of this list had asked this
same question in October last year, but got no responses.

I will be grateful for _any_ help/tips/pointers. I am desperate, since I
am running only Linux on my box now.

Thank you,

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