[ILUG-BOM] Virtual Linux

Bhargav Bhatt pi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Sun Feb 2 03:29:38 IST 2003

On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 02:04:54AM +0530, Manish Jethani wrote:
> Let's have some feedback.  Seems to be a very interesting
> project.  Finally, Ramnikbhai can try out linux without
> having to "touch" his Existing Setup (TM).
Uhmm, Have u tried Knoppix yet? AFAIK, it has been doing the same things as
virtual linux, for a while now, and has been doing them really well. Some advantages of
knoppix are
1 - It's debian underneath.
2 - It has hardware detection better than any distribution in the market.
3 - It has a lot of software on just one cd (iirc, knoppix too uses cloop).
4 - It's possible to install knoppix on a hd and have a full fledged Debian
system in less than an hour.
5 - It's very useful as a rescue disc (I have used it on numerous ocassions
to backup data from a fat32 filesystem that Windows won't read).
5 - Lastly, it also happens to have a very helpful support website and IRC

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