[ILUG-BOM] pop3 arguments

Manish Jethani manish.jethani@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Feb 10 01:14:38 IST 2003

Pradnyesh Sawant wrote:

> i tried the above cmds with my email service provider, the LIST cmd shows only 
> the mail no. & size. 

To delete, use the DELE command.  What's difficult to understand 
in this?

> i also checked some of the RFCs for pop3, but none of them gave me any cmds 
> that i cud use.

You could use to do what?  Delete?  DELE.

> i wud like 2 learn about more such cmds & some sites/ books where i cud get 
> some info about them.

Read the RFC - that's it.  If it's not there in the RFC then 
POP3 doesn't support it.


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