[ILUG-BOM] pop3 arguments

Abhir Joshi abhir@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Feb 10 04:06:37 IST 2003

On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 12:12:07AM +0530, Pradnyesh Sawant wrote:

> PASS, LIST, DELE, QUIT) that cud b passed 2 the pop3 server 2 delete
> mails directly from the server w/o d'loading them.  i tried the
> above cmds with my email service provider, the LIST cmd shows only
> the mail no. & size.

And thats the way it should behave.  You are probably expecting to see
the 'Subject:' or 'From:' lines for each message, which it won't.
Refer to RFC1939.  Messages can be directly deleted from the server on
the basis of their size and not the subject because for knowing the
subject you got to retrieve the header.  But POP3 doesn't have a
command for retrieving *only* the header.  The RETR command gets the
whole message.

Abhir Joshi

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