[ILUG-BOM] Re: Problem with g++

Manish Jethani manish.jethani@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Feb 10 16:54:38 IST 2003

Sankha Subhra Som wrote:

> And btw Manish's suggestion that i flush the buffer using endl works. But i 
> have to manually flush it everytime i use a cout. This sucks.Ne pointers 
> Manish?

Yes -- if this sucks so much, write a wrapper over your cout 
call that will always append a newline (endl) to your output. 
Do you know how operator overloading works?  Do you know about 
streams in C++?  Create your own thin-wrapper output stream with 
the << operator overloaded to append endl in each call.  This is 
not essential but a good exercise for character building.

In short, GET A BOOK and LEARN C++!


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