[ILUG-BOM] Gnu-Linux @ Shivaji University.......thank you all

Trevor Warren trevor.w@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Feb 11 08:59:38 IST 2003

Hello Luggers,

   Lemme take this oppurtunity to thank all of you'll for your sustained
support which has helped us all through our travels across the length
and breadth of this state.

   I would like to take this oppurtunity to personally thank all of you
all who donated CD's which we sold at the the event. Believe me...after
the knoppix demo and post the talk Students MOBBED Gurpreet who was
selling the cd's. Our 20 Copies(Consisting of GnuwinII+Knopix+IndLinux =
2cds) were sold out in 10 minutes.....and students were clammering for
more. We were amazed to see 2nd year Engineering students from Walchand
Sangli....develop some real fundu 8085-8086 Simulators with an amazing
GUI in Java and have been talking to them on Putting the same into the
GPL domain..(Dinesh...pls push them and email calling them to discuss
the same with the LUG).

   Learning our lessons we are looking at offering the same at Gnunify
as a 2 cd kit and only charging for the cost of the 2 cd's which we will
plough into the event again.
    On the whole many other Engineering/MCA colleges in the interriors
of Maharashtra are opening up to FSF and OS and want such events
organised at their campus too. 

    We are looking to build this sustained movement all around
Maharashta with the help of these charged Warriors at the local

    Looking forward to your unhindered support in the future too.

Dinesh Shah
Abhijit Rao
Trevor Warren

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