[ILUG-BOM] Banner to be made

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Feb 11 12:42:36 IST 2003


We need to quickly but properly get banners made with the following
content, of about six feet length, clearly written preferably sanserif
font.  Blue banner, with white letters.  preferably on a velvet or a
good quality cloth for future use also.

This one to appear on the stage:
 Free Software Foundation of India


And another one for the stall:
 GNU/Linux Users Group of Mumbai


Volunteers to close to IIT may get this done.  I got one contact of
MR. David (ph:25791785).  This is opposite IIT middle gate.  

Please take initiative and get this done.  Please discuss with him and
let me know the cost.  We need this latest by thursday. You can leave
the banner at Dr. Vijaya Shaw's Clinic (25789233).  This is
Dr. Jitendra Shaw's wife's clinic.


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