[ILUG-BOM] How to Append in a file (FTP)

Vinod Bhaskar manuvi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Wed Feb 12 17:06:38 IST 2003

Hi friends,

I have a web space and I am using ncftp function to upload the text file on 
web.  (Eg. abc.txt) . Next time when I upload the same file, the old file get 
erased.  Instead of erasing I want to append into abc.txt.   I have used  
ncftp using -A option for doing that.

But I have received an error that " Server is not permiting to Append/Restart 
Try again.

The file abc.txt is having full access permissions.

Please suggest me the alternative.

I am able to append in to a file ( abc.txt)  through  the php modules 
available on web.   But when I do through FTP, append mode is not working.  



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