[ILUG-BOM] How to Check wvdial is active

Amish Mehta amish@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Feb 13 12:44:40 IST 2003

I dont know but this should help.
For details read man pppd.

Use ipparam as 'wvdial' parameter in wvdial peers file.
This will be passed as sixth parameters when ip-up is
called. In ip-up.local check for this field. If it is 'wvdial', then
wvdial is active else it is not wvdial. And then call ncftp


Vinod Bhaskar wrote:
>in my ip-up.local file.  (This is for automatic upload of file to my ftp
>I am using kppp and wvdial to connect the net.  What I need is the above
>ncftp command has to work only if I connect through wvdial  and  tt should
>not work when I connect the net through kppp or any other dialer.

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