[ILUG-BOM] [OT] [ACM] Seminar on "Peer to Peer computing" by Vivek Mehta

Philip S Tellis philip@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Thu Feb 13 13:11:21 IST 2003

   ACM Seminar - Peer to Peer (P2P) Computing
   Speaker: Vivek Mehta
   Venue: Lecture Theatre, NCST, Juhu; timing: 6:30pm
   Friday Feb 14,  2003
   Venue: NCST Juhu,
   Entrance: Free

   Abstract: P2P computing is being recognised as a very important trend in
   the networking world. Defined as the sharing of computer resources and
   services by direct exchange, P2P computing is enabling a new wave of
   applications with the potential to revolutionise the way computers are
   used. Napster, Scour, Gnutella, SETI at home are examples of successful P2P
   applications. In this seminar, we try to answer the following questions
   with respect to P2P computing: What is P2P? Why P2P? What is it good for?
   What are the various issues in developing a P2P application?

   About the Speaker: Vivek Mehta is currently working as a Staff Scientist
   in the Knowledge Based Computer Systems (KBCS) division at NCST. He works
   on projects in Natural Language Processing like Machine Translation and
   Natural Language Interfaces. Apart from NLP Vivek is also interested in
   Parallel Processing and Data Structures & Algorithms. Vivek is also a
   faculty for the Data Structure & Algorithms and Natural Language
   Processing modules offered at NCST.

   Getting to NCST: http://www.ncst.ernet.in/contactus/

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