[ILUG-BOM] PPPD is not geting activated

Vinod Bhaskar manuvi@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Fri Feb 14 23:06:02 IST 2003

Hi friends,

When I connect to the net using wvdial,  some times, pppd is not geting 
activated.  But connection is through.  This is happening not regularly.  
Some times pppd will be activated  and there won't be any data transmission. 
The problem which I am facing  is the set of uploading command in my 
ip-up.local file is not geting executed some times.

But when I connect through kppp dialer, there is no problem.   pppd is geting 
activated always and there is proper data transmission.  It is functioning 
well whenever I connect through it.

I had set crontab  for wvdial for dialing the net at regular intervel.

Please suggest me how to overcome the problem.



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