[ILUG-BOM] Participants of IITB project

Amar Shah simplyamar@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Mar 3 18:08:38 IST 2003

Count me too !..
I am very much interested in the project..
I am a student; 16 years old.. I have some experience with Linux..
My name is : Amar Shah
Email: simplyamar at hotmail.com <simplyamar at hotmail.com>
I can carry out some technical and designing stuff..
About the project.. I suggest we design specifically for educational
institutes like schools and colleges..
We can include some free to distribute e-books and board papers etc..
We can also include some educational sites with their permissions to do so..
Technical books would be an added advantage... Tutorials on Linux would also
be good...

Hope you include me...

Amar Shah..

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