[ILUG-BOM] Kolhapur Meet

jitendra jitendras@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Mon Mar 3 23:21:37 IST 2003

Dear Bhaskar,
I am a faculty in VJTI. You may include me too. Your Principal may send
an invitation to me if there is space.
In any case do arrange for distributio of CDs.

   * Knoppix,
   * GNU_WIN-II,
   * R.M. Stallman Video of Lecture at VJTI on Feb 14
   * etc

and othr distros.
Trevor/Harsh Please note: Bombay group can coordinate.
On language technologies:
Indian language attempts on GNU/Linux can be demonstrated and a number
of projects can be described so that more participation can be invited.
these include:

   * developing editors: gtk-pango based, etc.
   * machine translation(marathi,other indian) : word, meaning,context
   * system level inclusion of indian fonts: Open type, unicode fonts
   * translation: making available applications in Marathi/other indian


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