[ILUG-BOM] squid setup

Amish Mehta amish@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Mar 4 12:24:38 IST 2003

1) Setup your squid proxy with one configuration line
   as follows(read squid.conf for details):

   cache_peer ur-isp-ip parent 3128 0 no-query

2) Make ur browser use or eth0 IP as proxy
3) TIP: Make sure that noone else in your ISP network
   uses YOUR squid(hint: iptables/squid acls), else
   he would be as happy as someone who finds a gold


Ninad Purohit wrote:
so is there any way
>my squid would receieve data from his squid
>and my browser would receive data from my squid on my
>static eth0 address .

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