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Amish Munshi amish@[EMAIL-PROTECTED]
Tue Mar 4 18:31:37 IST 2003

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	This mail is intended for you (anyone who is reading this mail).
	If any of you are interested in giving a seminar in the meeting that are held 
on a monthly basis in Mumbai then you are invited to do so.  Please feel free 
to give a seminar on anything that you might have learnt new or anything that 
most of would not know, It is not necessary that all of us know everything so 
there would definately be a few things you would know more than me or someone 
else in the meet. 
	Send me a mail giving details about what you would be interested to learn or 
any topic you would be interested in giving a seminar on.

	I would recommend a simple topics in which anyone would be interested.

Intro to LDAP, MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl, PHP-mysql integration, C-mysql 
integration, jakarta, Tomcat, Postgres, Oracle installation any free/OS 
distributions, etc.
	There would be something that you know from the above list, if not then 
please attent the meetings and get this knowledge.

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